Grow your audience by collecting and sharing truly engaging content.

Create a stream of frequent quality content to your audience with the help of A.I. powered content collection and curation.

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Feedstrap is free until Summer 2020

Putting together a newsletter has never been easier

Assembling a digest newsletter by hand takes hours.
With Feedstrap, the process is measured in minutes.

Meet your co-pilot.

Co-pilot is powered by A.I. and will mimic your actions once it is trained. Soon after you start, it will actively suggests new and relevant content for your next newsletter and help you sort it.

Tell co-pilot whom to listen to and let it sort out relevant content.


Set up listeners to import great links from Twitter, Google, or the web – or use the Feedstrap bookmarklet to save articles you find interesting.


Based on the topic you regularly put in your newsletters, Feedstrap learns your taste and topic and will aid your curation process with an initial sorting. Add your voice by writing a short summary for each link or use one of the suggestions provided by Feedstrap.


When you publish, Feedstrap produces a beautiful customizable website with a browsable archive and a great email campaign. Use Feedstrap to send out your newsletter or use an email-marketing platform of your choice.

open and click rates

You will be sending out digests made of interesting and impartial content your subscribers will look foward to receiving. Where traditional email marketing campaigns see open rates between 10-20%, you will need to double that with Feedstrap.

Start your own newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to build a direct relationship with your readers and guarantee control over your own destiny.

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Feedstrap FAQ

What is Feedstrap?

Feedstrap is a new powerful new way to manage content curation for your editorial email campaigns or social media presence. It relies on Machine Learning to assist content collection, curation, and publication and turns the tasks that used to take hours into minutes.

When can I start using Feedstrap?

You can start todoay! Feedstrap is avaiable in public beta as of February 2020.

Can I send newsletters with Feedstrap?

Feedstrap lets you construct newsletters with a beautiful layout. However, you will have to rely on other services to do the actual sending. Feedstrap integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp, but you can also export your newsletter as raw HTML, as a JSON feed or via RSS.

How is this different from other providers such as Curated and Revue?

Services like curated and Revue only offer manual collection and curation. While they succeed in making newsletter creation easily accessible, they still require a significant amount of work from you to work good. Feedstrap aims to make digist newsletter and content curation a quick and easy task. Powered by A.I. and based on what you previously selected for your digest, Feedstrap will find and categorize relevant content for you – rejecting everything that doesn't go along the editorial line of your digest.

How much does it cost?

Feedstrap is in Public Beta. We're offering free access to Feedstrap to everyone that participates in our Public Beta program. After the beta period, you'll receive an additional month of free. If you like what you see you will have the option to continue using Feedstrap for only $49 / month per Organization.

Who is behind Feedstrap? Where are you based?

Learning Loop ApS is a Scandinavian startup based in Copenhagen, Denmark owned and operated by Anders Toxboe – who also created and curates several weekly newsletters.